PhytoTrade Africa is being renewed as an organisation with a new commercial focus and the same development goals, including a sustained commitment to biodiversity conservation and economic prosperity. Our aim is to create social and economic value through the sustainable use and conservation of Southern African plant biodiversity.

This will give effect to the end-goal of Access and Benefit-sharing (ABS) as defined in the Nagoya Protocol of the Convention on Biological Diversity, and embodied in national legislation, regulation and related development policies.

PhytoTrade has strong business, technology, environmental and investment ideas and is assembling a portfolio of experts to assist on the implementation of projects.

PhytoTrade has a strong legacy and builds on two decades of success in the biotrade sector. Our strengths include:

    • Existing non-profit organisation
    • Committed team with institutional knowledge
    • Networks & contacts in Southern Africa and internationally
    • Unique knowledge base through papers, reports, trademarks & IP
    • Brand & market recognition
    • A record of delivering impact to small businesses & communities
    • Relationships & reputation with international development partners